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AssetDeck is web based digital asset management software that makes securely sharing files with your team, office or organisation a breeze.

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Simple, secure and searchable storage for your files!

What Is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management (DAM) is all about taking control of your business' important digital media such as office documents, graphics and video files.

Before DAM software became available, digital assets such as artwork, text copy and client creative assets might be scattered across your office on all manner of removable media, CDs, DVDs, Zip disks and network file servers. Keeping track of these files and monitoring who was using which assets was next to impossible and distributing files to third parties and clients was costly and required the use of physical media and couriers or complex FTP or ISDN servers.

Purpose built to provide centralised file management and publishing, AssetDeck web based DAM software that makes it easy to quickly and securely publish all kinds of digital assets to your organisation, clients and colleagues.

Why Choose AssetDeck?

If you're tired of keeping track of files on network file servers, optical storage or external hard drives and you dream of centralised secure storage for all your assets then AssetDeck can help.

Building on the powerful features of Pixaria Gallery, AssetDeck adds support for over 40 non-image file types plus enterprise ready Active Directory (LDAP) authentication and priority technical support.

Once AssetDeck is setup on your own server, all of your digital files from office documents to graphics and video files can be imported via the streamlines web based admin interface and published securely in a way that can be tailored to your exact business requirements. With powerful administration tools to track downloads, monitor duplicate files and control access rights, AssetDeck eliminates the hard work of managing your digital assets leaving you free to focus on your real work.

Install and host in-house or with your own preferred provider

AssetDeck is your software and can be installed either in-house on any compatible web server or on the cloud with Pixaria's hosting service. Free installation is provided with every purchase.

Integrated search engine and duplicate file monitoring

AssetDeck comes loaded with a fully configurable search engine and duplicate file monitoring tools to ensure you never lose control of your files again.

No restrictive limits on users, files, galleries or anything else!

When you purchase AssetDeck, you don't need to worry about any built in limits because there are none. Add unlimited users, files and galleries – the sky is the limit.

Highly configurable security for your site, galleries and files

From locking your entire site to restricting an individual file, Pixaria AssetDeck has powerful and highly configurable security controls to protect your content.

Theme and template support for custom branding and styling

With a little HTML and CSS magic, your website is quickly customised to match your brand, creating an online resource that integrates perfectly with your business.

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Peace Of Mind With Pixaria Software

When you purchase AssetDeck or Pixaria Gallery you'll be enjoying the product of over 9 years of innovative and customer service led software engineering. That's why Pixaria Software is trusted by some of the world's best known companies as a provider of high quality software solutions.

Priority technical support and installation assistance

Your software is backed by e-mail technical support from the developer and includes free installation and set up on the server hosting platform of your choice.

Continuous development driven by an active community of users

When you purchase Pixaria Gallery or AssetDeck, you can be assured that you're getting a software application which benefits from continuous and active development.

Pixaria Software is trusted by hundreds of organisations and businesses around the world including: Client Logos