Pixaria Gallery is affordable, web based image gallery software that makes it easy to publish, distribute and sell images and image derived products through your own website.

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Why Choose Pixaria Gallery?

Pixaria Gallery has been designed from the groud up to meet the needs of professional photographers and digital image librarians wanting to publish and sell images on the web. With no monthly fees or charges to use the software, you are in control and with fully open source code, you can customise the software to your heart's content.

Who Is Pixaria Gallery For?

If you want to publish and sell photos and digital artwork on your own website then Pixaria Gallery is the ideal solution. From uploading and importing your images to creating and organising galleries, the workflow is simple and powerful offering you essential features such as password protected and private galleries, instant download delivery and advanced reporting tools among many others. The software is quickly and easily installed on your own web site and with free installation available, there's no hassle to getting started.

Who's Using Pixaria Software?

Pixaria Gallery is used around the world by all kinds of businesses and individuals from event, wedding, sports and glamour photographers to stock photo libraries, creative media agencies and publishing companies.

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Sell anything from downloads and books to prints and training

With Pixaria Gallery 3.0, expand your sales offerings with support for new product types and a brand new, completele re-designed store and shopping cart system.

You can quickly and easily configure products with options and settings that the buyer is able to customise and you can even link images from your library to display with the products in the store.

Easy to use web based file upload, import and organisation

Pixaria Gallery out of the box support for JPEG, GIF and PNG and if your server has ImageMagick installed (most do), you'll also be able import images in a range of other formats including PDF and both vector and raster/bitmap EPS.

* Support for formats other than JPEG, GIF and PNG requires ImageMagick.

Standards compliant template based design with theme support

For Pixaria Gallery 3.0, the entire front end user interface has been completely overhauled to provide a cleaner appearance, better support for web standards and simpler customisation.

The image detail and thumbnail views have been re-designed to offer improved visibility of images to Google and Bing helping to ensure your content is as easy to find as possible.

Peace Of Mind With Pixaria Software

When you purchase AssetDeck or Pixaria Gallery you'll be enjoying the product of over 9 years of innovative and customer service led software engineering. That's why Pixaria Software is trusted by some of the world's best known companies as a provider of high quality software solutions.

Priority technical support and installation assistance

Your software is backed by e-mail technical support from the developer and includes free installation and set up on the server hosting platform of your choice.

Continuous development driven by an active community of users

When you purchase Pixaria Gallery or AssetDeck, you can be assured that you're getting a software application which benefits from continuous and active development.

Pixaria Software is trusted by hundreds of organisations and businesses around the world including: Client Logos