Great New Showcase!

We have a great new Showcase Pixaria Gallery site for your to check out here:

Ben Southall has done a great job putting together a dynamic Pixaria site.

Pixaria Team

Pixaria Gallery Version 4.0.6 Released!

Evolusent has just released Pixaria version 4.0.6!

This release includes the following bug fixes:

20 character issue for Gallery Title.

– Modified the system to append ‘…’ if the gallery title is > 20 characters

The Announcement Feature for PHP versions > 5.3

– Corrected an issue where the View Gallery button is blank due to the use of a deprecated function

Pixaria Team

AssetDeck Version 4.0.5

Evolusent has just released AssetDesk version 4.0.5!

Included in this release is LDAP authentication support. If your organization uses LDAP authentication, you can use it to authenticate your users on the AssetDesk system. You can gain access to this feature under the Settings menu in your administration system.

Also included in this version is the ability to automatically generate thumbnail images for video files upon upload for use in the galleries. The thumbnails will replace the generic avatar image currently used when uploading videos.
This feature is configurable and may be turned on and off in the Settings menu. It is off by default in the system due to the following restriction.

**This feature requires the installation of FFMPEG on your server.

Pixaria Gallery 4.0.4

We have completed an update from our list of feature requests collected from you over the past months, and are pleased to release version 4.0.4!

We have added a new .htaccess file to the My Support section of the website. The new .htaccess file contains rewrite rules which
ensure when using Friendly URLS, the URL is properly rewritten. We have developed these re-write rules to help ensure your assets
are being correctly indexed when being crawled by the search engines.

For Example:

Will re-write to the following URL:

If you need any assitance with the new re-write rules, you can reach us via our ticketing system at:


Pixaria Important Update

We introduced Pixaria 4.0.3 in 2012 as a visually rich way to think about your pictures and galleries and have your assets securely stored.

For this reason, we’ve decided to introduce the following features in our next release…

- Video Thumbnails

Automatically create video thumbnails for galleries

- Picture gallery with user rating system

Users can assign ratings to images in the gallery

- More payment methods

We will offer more payment methods in addition to Paypal, like for example iDeal payment gateway.

Before implementing these changes to our next version, we ask that you take part in a survey that will be released very soon. We welcome all input regarding future product enhancements, including any feature ideas you would like to see as your feedback is important to us. Social media will be used to keep users informed, so we hope you will visit us and share your thoughts. We also welcome your comments or questions at!

- The Evolusent Team