Google Chrome Experiments

Google Chrome Experiments

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2009

As a short aside from the normal Pixaria related news, I came across an interesting new project from Google today named Google Chrome Experiments which is intended to showcase the capabilities of the fast, new JavaScript engines inside Chrome, Safari 4 (beta) and Firefox 3.1 (beta).

If you're using the latest version of one of these browsers, check the site out and marvel at the bouncing ball that can be dragged, bounced and thrown from one window to another or the ball pool where you can click to squirt new balls into the window and even shake the window to jiggle them around. If you've got plenty of time to kill, definitely give Twitch a try, it's insanely addictive but be warned, you be at it for hours!

Although it's definitely a bit of fun, the serious point being made here is that JavaScript is a powerful tool with capabilities far beyond merely popping up new windows and validating forms before you submit them!

As this is intended to show off the fast new JavaScript engines in Chrome, Safari and Firefox, you won't be surprised to hear that none of these work in Internet Explorer which, even in today's brand new IE8, lacks a fast, standards compliant JavaScript engine.

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