Is this 'FaceBook Login'?

Is this 'FaceBook Login'?

Posted on Friday, February 12, 2010

Usability on the web is a big issue, not least because many people don't seem to have the vaguest idea how the web actually works. Consider the case of ReadWrtiteWeb who on Wednesday featured an article discussing the login page on Facebook. Very quickly, the posting got to a rank of number one in a Google search for 'Facebook Login' and the result was that many, many people ended up on the ReadWriteWeb article when they were expecting to see Facebook.

The comments section at the bottom of the page makes for hilarious reading as one person after another rants incoherently about the 'new Facebook'. The take away lesson though is that many people have no idea how to use a web browser and simply Google (or Bing) for what they're looking for, something web developers everywhere would do well to consider! via Daring Fireball

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