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Welcome to the documentation pages for Pixaria Gallery and AssetDeck. There are currently 73 articles in the documentation covering topics ranging from installation and customisation to managing files and configuring products for sale.

Before You Begin

Before you get started with either Pixaria Gallery or AssetDeck, find out about the system requirements for both software packages and take a look at the installation instructions.

Upgrading Pixaria

  • How to upgrade
    Complete guide for upgrading older software to a more up to date version.

Installation Guide

  • Let Us Install It!
    Installation is available for all new purchases starting at $99. Find out more here.
  • Quick Install Guide
    Guide for users with experience installing web based software applications.
  • Detailed Install Guide
    If you're new to web based software, this guide will walk you through the set-up and installation process one step at a time.
  • Security After Installation
    Tips and tricks for ensuring that your site and its content are safe and secure.
  • Default Image Sizes
    Configuring the default image sizes (for advanced users only).


Configuring Features

Uploading and Importing Files

Organising and Administering Files

Store, Sharing and File Download Features

Customising Pixaria

Themes and Templates

Pixaria Gallery and AssetDeck have full support for themes and templates to make customisation simpler. The following topics provide guidance and information on changes that can be made using template and theme modification.

Text And Email Customisations

Text display throughout Pixaria Gallery and AssetDeck is implemented with full support for multiple languages. Because of this, there are special considerations for editing text in web page and email templates:

Other Customisations

Securing your website

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