Overall, Google Keep is great if you’re just after a simple tool to quickly jot down notes and ideas. It works well for shopping lists, and it’s easy on the eyes, too. Plus, if you like to keep voice memos, Google Keep is one of the better options due to Google’s speech-recognition capabilities.

Is Google Keep being phased out?

Google will end support for the Google Keep Chrome app in February 2021. The app is being moved to Google Keep on the Web, from where it can still be accessed. This is part of the company’s long term plan of killing all Chrome apps. Access to Keep on the Chrome OS lock screen will also not be available anymore.

What are the disadvantages of Google Keep?

Cons of Google Keep Google Keep can access and mine your data. No text formatting is available at Keep Notes. The app is limited to just multiple tags for notes. The users are not able to undo their changes. No notifications are sent when tasks are added to shared lists.

What is Google Keep best used for?

Capture ideas with your voice, add images to notes, check tasks off your to-do list, and much more. With Google Keep, you can create, share, and collaborate with people on notes and lists. Keep synchronizes across all your devices, so your notes and lists go with you, wherever you are.

Why is Google Keep so bad?

Why-oh-why is Keep so bad? The user experience and functionality is very limited. At the very least, it would be simple to do a quick competitor analysis and hire a few developers to implement some similar capabilities.

What is better than Google Keep?

There are more than 100 alternatives to Google Keep for a variety of platforms, including Android, Windows, Online / Web-based, Mac and iPhone. Other great apps like Google Keep are Obsidian (Free Personal), Microsoft OneNote (Freemium), Simplenote (Free, Open Source) and Evernote (Freemium).

Is Google Keep better than OneNote?

Sharing. Regarding sharing and collaboration, I would say Google Keep is the winner. Google Keep web and mobile apps come with the same sharing features, whereas OneNote does not. With Keep, you can add people to collaborate, send a copy of the note via other apps, and convert and edit notes in Google Docs.

Is there a word limit on Google Keep?

Tested this a minute ago: 19,999 characters is the upper limit for text in each Google Keep note, not including the title or any images. additionally, 999 characters maximum are allowed in the title.

Is it safe to keep passwords in Google Keep?

Your content is stored securely When you upload a file of any type to Google Keep, like a photo to attach to a note or the audio of a voice note, it is stored securely in our world-class data centers. Data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest.

Does Google Keep save to Google Drive?

Google Keep Notes is a note taking app. It’s connected directly to the Google Drive experience. It currently has over 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store. There is also a web version, a Google Chrome extension, and mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Can you use Google Keep without a Gmail account?

Tip: You don’t need a Gmail account to create a Google Account. You can use your non-Gmail email address to create one instead. Go to the Google account Sign In page. Click Create account.

How do you use Google Keep effectively?

8 tips to help you keep up in Google Keep Record voice notes. Transcribe notes from pictures. Create drawings and even search handwritten notes. Drag and drop notes from Keep into Google Docs. Use the Chrome Extension. Send notes from Keep to other apps you use. Color-code or label your notes to find them quicker.

How do I make Google Keep private?

There are no security options in Google Keep and anyone can view your notes. However, if you want to hide a particular note, open it and then tap the Archive button in the top right corner. The note disappears from the Keephome screen and so it is not right in front of anyone tempted to look at your notes.

Does Google Keep backup to the cloud?

Google’s backup service is built in to every Android phone, but some device makers like Samsung provide their own solutions as well. If you own a Galaxy phone, you can use one or both services — it doesn’t hurt to have a backup of a backup.

Who can see my Google Keep notes?

Sharing a note makes it available in your Google Keep notes and in everyone else’s Keep app. You can all view it, edit it, add to it and so on, just like it was your own. Everyone can see the changes you make and everyone is kept up to date because it is automatically synced to everyone.

What is the best free note taking app?

Here are the best notes apps for Android, plus some tips to help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs. Microsoft OneNote. Image Gallery (2 Images) Dropbox Paper. TickTick. Evernote. FiiNote. Image Gallery (3 Images) Google Keep. Google Keep is great for quick notes and reminders. ColorNote. Omni Notes.

Which is better Google Keep or Evernote?

However, Google Keep is more strictly a note-taking app, while Evernote can be used for team collaboration, drafting documents, and much more. Google Keep is best used by students or more casual notetakers, while Evernote is more at home in a professional context.

Is OneNote being discontinued?

OneNote 2016 will reach its end-of-life phase on Oct. 14, 2025.

What is the most secure note-taking app?

Etherpad. Pros. Etherpad is a web-based note app offering the ability of multiple users to edit notes at the same time. Standard Notes. Pros. Standard Notes prides itself as a privacy- and security-centric note app. Turtl. Pros. Joplin. Pros. Laverna. Pros. NextCloud + Notes. Pros. HedgeDoc. Pros. SilentNotes. Pros.

Which note-taking app is best?

The Top 11 Note-Taking Apps of 2021 Notion. Evernote. OneNote. Roam Research. Bear. Apple Notes. Google Keep. Standard Notes.