Floor grout and wall grout do not need to be the exact same color. However, the two grouts should at least coordinate well. In fact, slightly mismatched wall grout and floor grout can add interest to a room. However, be sure that the colors of the two grouts do not clash.

Should floor and wall tiles line up?

Back in the day when most tiles had cushion edges, matching the grout lines between floor and wall tiles was a must! So unless you are going for a dramatic look, you only want people to notice your tiles and not your grout. Let your tiles be the star when selecting grout.

Is floor and wall grout the same?

Floor grout and wall grout can be used interchangeably, the result you’ll get will depend on the size, material, and shape of the tiles being grouted. Traditionally, wall tiles are smaller, made from softer materials and laid with a smaller joint width than floor tiles.

Do you lay wall or floor tiles first?

Whilst you can tile either one first, popular opinion based on experience is that is is easier to tile the walls first and then the floor, if you are tiling both in a room. This ensures that you keep the floor tiles cleaner as you won’t be doing so much work around them once they are installed.

What should you not do when tiling?

Top 10 Tiling Mistakes Unprepared Surfaces. Grouting Unevenly or Too Quickly. Dotting Corners. Choosing the wrong adhesive. Not using battens. Discovering and fixing mistakes too late. Not removing excess grout. Miscalculations with the number of tiles needed.

Can you lay floor tiles without grout?

Even with rectified tiles, it is not recommended to lay tiles without grout. Grout helps to protect the tiles against movement in case of the house shifting, it also helps make the tiles easier to care for in wet areas. Whenever possible, use rectified tiles with a 1/16-inch grout joint instead.

What is the most flexible grout?

A flexible grout called QuartzLock 2 was our best solution. It is a pre-mixed, ready-to-use urethane and colored quartz-based grout that is very easy to install. It requires no sealing and is resistant to typical food stains and most household chemical products.

Should grout be darker or lighter than tile?

SHOULD GROUT BE DARKER OR LIGHTER THAN THE TILE? If you want to highlight the pattern your tile creates, a contrasting color is best. If you’re trying to unify your tile, such as with a wood look tile floor, go for a close match that’s a little bit lighter than your tile.

Should I tile around or under toilet?

The bathroom fitters are unanimous—if you’re looking for a high quality finish, with a better seal against water damage, then always tile the floor first.

Should tile be at the top or bottom of a shower wall?

The goal is to maximize the size of tiles at the bottom and top, avoiding narrow pieces. I avoid using a full piece at the top because the ceiling is usually not perfectly level. By cutting the top course of tile on all three walls, I can keep the joint width consistent all the way around.

How much space should be between floor tile and wall?

The Tile Council of North America recommends at least a quarter-inch gap between the tile floor and the walls. Never fill this gap with grout, because tile grout is not flexible. Instead, fill it with an elastic material capable of sustaining the movement of the floor and the movement of the wall.

What happens if you use too much tile adhesive?

What happens when the adhesive is too strong? This might sound awkward, but sometimes the adhesive creates a better bonding with the substrate than with the tile, causing a weak point at the tile adhesion.

How can you tell a bad tile job?

Signs of a Bad Job Poor installations are an eyesore at the least and potential hazards at their worst. Cracked or separated grout. Crooked lines and corners not lined up. Lifting of tiles. Lack of clean tile cuts. Popping up or overhangs in corners. Excessive caulking in difficult areas like corners.

Is laying tile difficult?

Laying tile is easy but laying tile and doing it well is difficult. Unfortunately, thinset will also reposition your tile for you, especially in the case of vertical wall tile. Some tilework is easier to pull off on an amateur basis, too.

What happens if you don’t grout tile?

There are three main downsides to skipping the grout when installing tiles: If the tiles are not identical, they will appear unaligned; Dirt can get beneath them and damage them in the long run; Movement can lead to breakage.

Can I use silicone instead of grout?

Silicone is advantageous to fill gaps over grout because it ensures watertight sealing. The sealing is so secure that it’s airtight as well! As a result, no bacteria can enter between the tile gaps. Grouts mixed with latex are waterproof.

What is the smallest grout line for tile?

Grout lines need to be at least 1/16” for the grout to even fit, and often larger than that depending on a variety of other factors. For some grouts, like sanded cement grout, 1/8” is the minimum line size.

Why does grout crack on floor?

Too much water or polymer additive in the grout mix is a common problem. Cracked grout is frequently the result of weak grout structure. The liquid in the grout mixture inevitably evaporates, as it was designed to do, but excessive evaporation can leave pinholes that will leave it vulnerable to cracking.

How do I stop my floor grout from cracking?

if it’s the floor grout only, then buy a grout rake, a tool with rough carbide teeth that will remove the grout when you run it down the line, Regrout using latex and grout, not water, allow the grout to stand a little before wiping off with a clean sponge. This will only fix loose grout not loose tiles.

What can I add to grout to make it flexible?

Latex additives make the grout more flexible. Including a latex additive prevents cracking as grout dries and the tile installation settles.

What color grout is easiest to keep clean?

The grout color that’s easiest to keep clean is likely to be a neutral shade such as a gray, or a tone of beige. These are super-practical choices for both kitchen and bathroom tile, and will demand less maintenance to stay looking good as new.

What color grout should I use with black tile?

When Using Black or Colored Tile… A light grout will make your tile pattern stand out and add even more interest. If you choose a dark or black tile, a grey or charcoal shade of grout will create a softer look.

Does GREY grout dry lighter?

Will grout dry darker or lighter? It’s usually lighter than what you see in the bucket due to the drying process.