In informal speech the phrase is used to highlight stupidity. E.g. You Donut. An individual whom is extremely stupid. Lacks intelligence and common sense. An idiot.

What does the ???? mean?

???? The image of a cookie is the emoji symbol for sweets in general. It can refer to a sweet snack or a desert, but it can also be related to a person when one is trying to express fondness. Cookie Emoji can mean “You’re so sweet!” from the expression “as sweet as a cookie” or it can mean “I can’t resist eating sweets!”.

Why are people called donuts?

As the story goes, a New England woman named Elizabeth Gregory fried some dough to send with her son for his voyage at sea during the 19th century. Elizabeth was the one who fried the dough with nuts, leading to the name ‘donut,’ but her son was the one who put a hole in the center, giving us the classic donut shape.

What does a donut mean in Emoji?

???? Meaning – Doughnut Emoji This emoji means food, doughnut, dessert, and hunger. Donut Emoji is used to ask if someone would like to grab a doughnut, or to symbolize dessert cravings in general. The Doughnut Emoji appeared in 2010, and now is mainly known as the Donut Emoji, but also may be reffered as the Bagel Emoji.

What is cookie slang?

Informal. dear; sweetheart (a term of address, usually connoting affection). Slang. a person, usually of a specified character or type: a smart cookie; a tough cookie. an alluring young woman.

What does it mean to eat a girls cookie?

The Brief: “Eat that cookie” is a slang term that means to perform oral sex on a woman.

Is doughnut an insult?

An idiot. A mild insult often used in the work places of southern England. Somebody who does something incredibly stupid.

What does a dollar to a donut mean?

Filters. (idiomatic) To suggest that something is very likely to be true or that one has a strong hunch about something.

How bad are Doughnuts for you?

Doughnut and pastries. Doughnuts will cost you 250 to 550 calories, but the 15 to 30 grams of sugar in each is the real problem. With such a huge amount of sugar in a small package, your body pumps out loads of insulin to try to accommodate. A huge blood sugar spike leads to an even bigger sugar crash.

What does ???? mean on Snapchat?

???? Gold Heart: Congrats, you are best friends with this person on Snapchat. You both send the most snaps to each other. Red Heart: You both have been each other’s best friend on Snapchat for at least two weeks. ???? Smile: This means that the person is one of the people you message on Snapchat most frequently.

What does ???? mean in texting?

???? Meaning – Lollipop Emoji Lollipop Emoji means candy, treats, and has strong connotations to childhood and innocence. This emoji could be used to indicate the desire for candy, or in regards to a child.

What does ???? mean on TikTok?

There are other emojis that TikTok users gave new meanings to. Not only does the brain emoji have a new meaning on TikTok, but when you see two hand emojis with the pointer finger pointing inward toward each other, it’s a symbol for shyness.

What is Cookie a nickname for?

Cookie is the nickname of: Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (1900–2002), given by the Duchess of Windsor. Cookie Belcher (born 1978), American basketball player.

Who is a nincompoop?

informal. : a stupid or silly person : fool, simpleton … they could easily find some nincompoop to give them yet more money …—Aug 23, 2021.

Is Cookie an English word?

A cookie is a baked or cooked snack or dessert that is typically small, flat and sweet. In most English-speaking countries except for the United States, crunchy cookies are called biscuits. Many Canadians also use this term. Chewier biscuits are sometimes called cookies even in the United Kingdom.

What does it mean when a girl ask if you want a cookie?

Filters. (rhetorical question, sarcastic) A phrase sometimes given as a retort to someone who has done something unsurprising or unimpressive and has seen fit to inform one of having done so. phrase. 2.

What does looking for my Cookie Monster mean?

Filters. A popular blue creature from the children’s television show Sesame Street who is intensely fond of cookies. pronoun.

What are cookies on websites?

Cookies are files created by websites you visit. They make your online experience easier by saving browsing information. With cookies, sites can keep you signed in, remember your site preferences, and give you locally relevant content.

Why does Chef Ramsay call people a donut?

People might use the word when they’re angry (which Gordan Ramsay often is), or when they want to insult someone. The actual meaning of the word is ‘sex / coitus’. The meaning of ‘doughnut’, when used as an insult, is vaguer, but I think it’s alike to ‘donkey’ – a doughnut is small, motionless, unimportant.

Who invented doughnut holes?

One of the most popular credits American seafarer Hanson Gregory with inventing the donut’s hole in 1847 while aboard a lime-trading ship. He was just 16 years old at the time. As the story goes, Gregory wasn’t happy with the doughy consistency of the fried cakes served on the ship.

How do you spell doughnut or donut?

In most dictionaries donut is an accepted spelling variant of doughnut. The spelling of donut without the “-ough” has appeared in enough textual references, and been made popular by brand such as Dunkin Donuts, to the point where it has widely become an accepted version of the glazed treat.

What does a dime to a donut mean?

‘A dime to a donut’ is a pseudo betting term, meaning that it didn’t originate with actual betting involving donuts, but just as a pleasant-sounding alliterative phrase which indicated short odds – dimes are valuable, but donuts aren’t. A dime to a donut is used to mean uneven odds.

What does $10 to a donut mean?

The idea behind the shorthand phrase dollars to doughnuts is the sentiment that the speaker is so confident that he is right about something, he will put forth his dollars against the listener’s doughnuts in a wager, the dollars having much higher value than the doughnuts.

What is the origin of dollars to donuts?

‘Dollars to doughnuts’ is a pseudo betting term, pseudo in that it didn’t originate with actual betting involving doughnuts, but just as a pleasant-sounding alliterative phrase which indicated short odds – dollars are valuable but doughnuts aren’t. The phrase appears to have originated in mid 19th century USA.