If you sustain an injury, it means you are injured. If you sustain an interest in what you’re studying, it means that you’re just as excited about the subject after studying as you are when you began. Definitions of sustain. verb. lengthen or extend in duration or space.

What does it mean if something is sustained?

1 : to give support or relief to. 2 : to supply with sustenance : nourish. 3 : keep up, prolong. 4 : to support the weight of : prop also : to carry or withstand (a weight or pressure) 5 : to buoy up sustained by hope.

What does sustained mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of sustained-release : designed to slowly release a drug in the body over an extended period of time especially to sustain therapeutic levels sustained-release capsules a sustained-release drug delivery system.

What is an example of sustain?

Sustain is defined as to support something or to endure a trial or hardship. An example of sustain is for a foundation to support the house. An example of sustain is to survive days without food or water.

What does it mean to sustain a fall?

1 to hold up under; withstand. to sustain great provocation. 2 to undergo (an injury, loss, etc.

What does it mean when the judge says sustained?

To sustain means to support or maintain, especially over a long period of time; to endure or undergo. In legal contexts, to sustain may also mean to uphold a ruling (e.g., “objection sustained”). [Last updated in August of 2021 by the Wex Definitions Team] courts.

What is sustained performance?

What is a sustained performance in an organisation? Sustained performance in an organisation achieved when the business remains true to its purpose and values over time while navigating the changing business landscape in a proactive and agile way.

What does not sustained mean?

Not Sustained means the investigation failed to disclose sufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegations made in the complaint.

What is overruled and sustained?

When an objection is overruled it means that the evidence is properly admitted to the court, and the trial can proceed. When an objection is sustained, the lawyer must rephrase the question or otherwise address the issue with the evidence to ensure that the jury only hears properly admitted evidence.

How do you use sustain in a sentence?

1 He sustained a broken rib. 2 Four police officers sustained serious injuries in the explosion. 3 Witnesses say the firing was deliberate and sustained. 4 But he has sustained his fierce social conscience from young adulthood through old age.

How do you sustain something?

Sustain means to support something or keep it going. If you get hungry in the mid-afternoon, you might try snacking to sustain your energy through dinner. Beams and rafters sustain a roof — they keep it up. If you sustain a conversation over the course of hours, you keep it going during that time.

What is a overrule?

1 : to decide against The judge overruled the objection. 2 : to set aside a decision or ruling made by someone having less authority Mother overruled our plans. overrule. transitive verb. over·​rule | \ ˌō-vər-ˈrül \.

What does it mean to sustain life?

: helping someone or something to stay alive : supporting or extending life life-sustaining medical treatment The storm brought life-sustaining rain/water to the farms.

What does it mean to sustain yourself?

1 : maintaining or able to maintain oneself or itself by independent effort a self-sustaining community. 2 : maintaining or able to maintain itself once commenced a self-sustaining nuclear reaction.

Is there a difference between sustain and maintain?

Maintain means to do what is needed to ensure something stays a certain state or quality, often the equivalent of “to keep up” or “to take care of.” Maintain applies if what is needed to keep things up is a periodic or occasional activity. Sustain means to hold something at a certain level.

What is the noun of sustain?

sustentation. The act, or the result of sustaining; sustainment. The aggregate of the functions by which a living organism is maintained in a normal condition of weight and growth.

What does the judge say at the end of a trial?

Judge: (After verdict is read) Thank you, Jury, for your service today. Court is adjourned. Any attorney may object to a question asked of a witness on the stand or the admission of an exhibit if s/he feels that it does not follow a rule of evidence.

What do lawyers say when objecting?

Making the Objection Stand and say, for example, “Objection your honor that question lacks foundation. May I be heard?” If the court allows, explain your issue. Always ask to be heard before explaining or rebutting. Always address the judge, not the other lawyer.

What does motion granted sustained mean?

in trial practice, for a judge to agree that an attorney’s objection, such as to a question, is valid. If the judge agrees he/she will rule “sustained,” meaning the objection is approved and the question cannot be asked or answered.

How can we sustain performance?

Here are six ways to sustain a high-performance mentality in your work: Know Your Direct Competitors. Constantly Upgrade Yourself. Invest in a Gen-Y Relationship. Learn About the International Marketplace. Achieve Opportunity Mastery in Your Work. Write a Blog and Hold Yourself Accountable.

What are sustained writes?

Q What is sustained sequential write speed? A A measure of how quickly large files can be written to a device. Sustained sequential write speed is calculated as the average Sequential write speed over a 60 second period. This helps to measure real world steady state speed rather than SLC or RAM cached performance.

What is maximum sustained transfer?

Sustained transfer rate is the total time required for system processing, head switching, and seek. This spec is the most accurate reflection of a drive’s true, real world performance.

Is Unsustaining a word?

That does not sustain.

What are allegations of misconduct?

Allegation of misconduct means a written or oral report alleging that an educator has engaged in unprofessional, criminal, or incompetent conduct; is unfit for duty; has lost licensure in another state due to revocation or suspension, or through voluntary surrender or lapse of a license in the face of an allegation of.

What are the three types of objections?

The Three Most Common Objections Made During Trial Testimony Hearsay. A common, if not the most common trial objection to a trial testimony objection is hearsay. Leading. A close second objection is to leading questions. Relevancy. The last of the three (3) of the most common objections is relevancy.

What happens when a case is overruled?

When the trial judge overrules the objection, the trial judge rejects the objection and admits the evidence. On the other hand, sustaining the objection means that the trial judge allows the objection and excludes the evidence.