410 shotguns loaded with shot shells are well suited for small game hunting and pest control; including rabbits, squirrels, snakes, rats, and birds. A . 410 loaded with 1/4 ounce slugs is effective against larger animals such as coyotes and deer.

Is a 410 good for home defense?

The . 410-bore shotgun has long been dismissed as a useful home-protection option when compared to the more potent 12-ga. and 20-ga. defensive shotguns currently on the market.

Why is the 410 so popular?

The . 410 has also become a popular choice for personal defense, especially in revolvers like the Taurus Judge and Smith & Wesson Governor, and ammunition companies have started developing dedicated self-defense loads for the . 410. With very low recoil and surprising versatility the .

What can you kill with a 410 slug?

410 shotgun will have no problem bringing down a deer, especially when the animal is within a reasonable range. Many hunters have killed good-sized deer with a . 410 and anyone who says you can’t is simply wrong. It comes down to shot placement.

Why are 410 shells so expensive?

410 vs 12ga shells simply because less material is used in a . 410. But as others have said the major manufactures such as Winchester/Western, Remington, Federal etc don’t load . 410 shells all year long because there is less of a demand for them as others have said.

Is 410 or 20-gauge better?

410 shot about 88 percent patterns at 30 yards, while the 20-gauge shot around 85 percent. The higher pellet count and larger powder load of the 20 combined to put more pellets in the 30-inch circle than the . 410. Penetration was unsurprisingly better too-3.4 inches vs.

How loud is a 410 shotgun?

Table-1-SHOTGUN-NOISE-DATA-DECIBEL-AVERAGES .410 Bore 28″ barrel 150dB 20 Gauge 28″ barrel 152.50dB 22″ barrel 154.75dB 12 Gauge 28″ barrel 151.50dB 26″ barrel 156.10dB.

How many 00 Buckshot is a 410?

An average 410 000-Buckshot factory load holds a mere 3 pellets while a 410 # 4 Buckshot load may have 9 pellets in each round. The combinations and variety vary so much, that it is best to consult the manufacturer of the Buckshot shotgun ammunition in question.

Can a 410 kill a turkey?

410 bore loads definitely have the patterns, down-range energy and penetration at 40 yards to be effective at killing wild turkeys.

Do they make slugs for a 410 shotgun?

Remington Slugger 410 Gauge Rifled Slugs | Academy.

How much does it cost to reload 410 shells?

410 hulls can cost $3.00 or more per box. If you have good local sources for componets you should be able to do it for a little less. For only a couple of flats a year, it will take a while to get the cost of the reloader back from reloading unless you already have one.

Is it worth reloading 410?

. 410 is one of the best reasons to reload, if you plan to do a fair amount of shooting of them.

What age is 20 gauge for?

Most are 12- to 14-year-olds with 20-gauge youth-model Remington 870s or Mossberg Model 500s. The guns are too short and kick too hard. Where did they get these guns? From you, their parents, who put one under the tree a year or two earlier.

Which gauge shotgun is most powerful?

A 12 gauge shotgun load is heavier and delivers more power than 20 gauge ammo does. As a result, a 12 gauge is typically better equipped to take larger game. You do sacrifice some things for that power 12 gauge shotguns have more recoil than 20 gauge and the firearm itself is more of a burden to carry.

Why are 16 gauge shotguns not popular?

Not so many years ago, one of the other major sporting publications declared the death of the 16 gauge, citing the lack of available choices in both new guns and affordable ammunition as the twin executioners of the sub-gauge shotgun.

How quiet is a silenced 410?

Well-Known Member. i have a mossberg pump moderated 410. Ive found gamebore subsonics are very quiet doing about 850 feet per second. eley subsonics are faster at about 950 – 1000 feet per second but a little louder.

What is the loudest shotgun?

The loudest firearm during the test was the 12-gauge shotgun at 50 feet from the shooting. The decibel reading peaked at 103 decibels. Brown called it unlikely anyone would shoot a shotgun for more than one hour within 24 hours.

How loud is a 9mm gun?

As you can see from the infographic below, a 9mm pistol typically produces around 160 decibels.

Is #2 shot good for home defense?

#2 steel shot is a good overall choice for large birds, medium-sized mammals and home defense. The less dense and environmentally safer steel is quite popular, with the only downside being the loss of penetration with steel due to lead being heavier.

Is 00 buckshot good home defense?

00 Buckshot is a good mix of power, easily tailored loads, and controllable recoil. It’s at home in both the deer gun and the tactical shotgun.

Why is it called 00 buckshot?

This ammo type, as the name implies, is for hunting deer and large game. In terms of 00 buckshot size, they are . 330 inch in diameter and are the most commonly used size. Due to the stopping power it offers, it’s also one of the most widely used types of buckshot ammunition for home defense.

Do you shoot a turkey in the head?

When hunting wild turkeys with a shotgun, greater success is achieved when hunters shoot at the head and neck area of the bird. The most effective firearm shot for a turkey is to the head and neck. The preferred shot angle for bowhunters is broadside, aiming for the heart or lungs.

What shells does a 410 shotgun shoot?

410 pumps chambered for both 2 ½- and 3-inch shells. The other is a Skeet chambered specifically for 2 ½-inch shells.

Will 410 6 shot kill a turkey?

410 a viable option for the turkey hunter. The testing for these loads showed that a #9 or 9.5 TSS pellet carried the same punch as a #5 or #6 lead pellet. The #6 tungsten-based pellets in the Hevi-X Strut outperformed its lead counterparts.

How effective are 410 slugs?

410 slug has 654ft/lbs at muzzle, 348ft/lbs at 50 yards and 211ft/lbs at 100 yards. Compare that to the 20ga, which has 1513ft/lbs at muzzle, then 931 at 50 yards and 648 at 100 yards. So, the 20ga has the same energy at 100 yards as the . 410 has if you pressed the barrel to the deer.

How powerful is a 410 slug?

. 410 bore Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy 14 oz. Winchester 3″ slug 1800 ft/s 1066.7 J Winchester 3″ 000 buckshot 1300 ft/s 306 J per pellet (1530 J overall) 34 oz. Winchester 3″ No. 6 shot 1100 ft/s 10.6 J per pellet (1187.2 J overall) ½ oz. Remington 212″ No. 712 shot 1200 ft/s 5.4 J per pellet (945 J overall).