Rum experts usually agree that navy rum is a blend of aged rums from two or more of the following colonies: Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad. Some add that it should include rum from the Port Mourant double-wooden pot still in Guyana, known for its earthy flavor profile.

What is a Navy strength rum?

Hamilton Navy Strength Rum is a careful blend of Jamaican and Guyanese rums. It is called “Navy Strength” because it is bottled at 57% alcohol by volume, the traditional strength required by the British Royal Navy. West Indian rum is known for its deep, full flavors and pleasant aromas.

What is the difference between dark rum and navy rum?

Navy Rum. A dark coloured blend of rums from Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados, the heavy amounts of colouring can give these rums a bitter edge – they’re also very strong! Official Navy rum was always ‘over proof’, meaning its alcohol content was at least an eye watering 57.5% ABV.

Why did the Navy give sailors rum?

In 1795 Navy regulations required adding small quantities of lemon or lime juice to the ration, to prevent scurvy, as per Vernon’s instruction that members of the crew “which are good husbandmen may from the saving of their salt provisions and bread, purchase sugar and limes to make it more palatable to them.”[1].

How do you drink navy rum?

Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add light rum, navy rum, orange rum, apricot brandy, triple sec, orange juice, pineapple juice, lime juice and grenadine. Shake and strain into a highball glass filled with crushed ice. Float overproof rum.

What mixes well with navy rum?

What Drinks Are Good Mixers For Rum? Tonic Water. The first of the good mixers for rum is tonic water. Lime Juice With A Slice Of Lemon. Ginger Ale. Orange Juice. Coconut Water. Cranberry Juice. Grapefruit Juice.

What is the best navy rum?

The Best Navy Rums 10 Pusser’s Rum Gunpowder Proof (Black Label) Rich. 9 Pusser’s Rum Original Admiralty Blend (Blue Label) 8 Skipper Demerara Rum. 7 Pusser’s Rum 15 Year (DISCONTINUED) 6 Wood’s Old Navy Rum. 5 Black Tot Last Consignment British Royal Navy Rum. 4 Gunroom Navy Rum. 3 Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum.

Which rum is better Bacardi or Captain Morgan?

Bacardi Superior is ideal for mixing into cocktails where you don’t want an overpowering rum taste and would prefer a lighter flavor, like piña coladas or mojitos. Captain Morgan is a classic choice when it comes to spiced rum, especially if you don’t want something too pricey.

Which is better Bacardi or Captain Morgan?

Captain Morgan White Rum is much sweeter and softer but with a little less structure than Bacardi Superior. Bacardi’s finish is a lot drier and more acidic, but the flavors in Superior taste more true to the base molasses, and Superior also has a superior mouthfeel.

What type of rum is best?

What Are The Best Rum Brands? Diplomatico Reserva. BEST OVERALL. BACARDI Gold Rum. BEST BUDGET. Ron Zacapa 23 Year Centenario. BEST FOR SIPPING. Mount Gay Eclipse Rum. BEST GOLDEN RUM. Real McCoy 12 Year. BEST DARK RUM. Diplomatico Planas Rum. BEST WHITE RUM. The Kraken Black Spiced Rum. Privateer Navy Yard Barrel Proof Rum.

Is alcohol allowed on navy ships?

“The use or introduction for drinking purposes of alcoholic liquors on board any naval vessel, or within any navy yard or station, is strictly prohibited, and commanding officers will be held directly responsible for the enforcement of this order.”Jun 13, 2016.

Why is rum good for you?

Rum consumption can give you a healthy and strong heart. Also, it decreases cholesterol levels in the body. It is also a good drink for peripheral artery disease prevention and is a blood thinner, which can help combat artery blockages, prevent heart attacks and heart disease.

Why did Pirates drink rum?

Rum, distilled from sugar, however, was cheaper to transport and so became a staple export. This meant that many of the ships attacked by pirates were laden with barrels of rum, ripe for the taking. They could be sold for a pretty price, but pirates tended to drink a fair chunk of this kind of loot.

What kind of rum did Pirates drink?

Pirate’s Grog is the award winning golden rum that was originally discovered on Roatán, a small Caribbean island situated 60km off the coast of Honduras. The name ‘Pirate’s Grog’ is derived from days of old when pirates and buccaneers used the island as a resting point between voyages.

What did Vikings drink?

Vikings brewed their own beer, mead, and wine. Mead, however (often considered a drink of royalty), was most likely reserved for special occasions.

Can you drink rum straight?

Rules for Drinking Rum How to drink rum — just like whiskey with a splash of water or ice, and a slice of lime. Or simply drinks it neat in a small glass, warmed between your hands.

What do u mix Captain Morgan with?

Mixers: Mix It Up With Captain Morgan Original Spice Sodas such as soda water, cola, lemon-lime, and ginger ale. Ginger beer. Tropical fruit juices, including mango, pineapple, and papaya. Cranberry juice. Lemonade or limeade. Apple cider, both hard and regular. Iced tea. Coffee.

What fruit goes best with rum?

Banana is also a classic pairing for rum, as is pineapple. Try it with bananas foster or banana tarte tatin and with pineapple upside down cake.

What is the best supermarket rum?

Best rums in the world to buy in 2020 Red Leg Spiced Rum, 70cl. Red Leg Spiced Rum. Ableforth’s Rumbullion, 70cl. Rumbullion. Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Rare Blend, 70cl. KOKO KANU Coconut Rum, 70cl. Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva, 70cl. The Duppy Share Rum, 70cl. Equiano Rum. That Boutique-y Rum Company Tasting Set.

Which rum goes best with Coke?

Here are three of the best rums for rum and coke. Bacardi Carta Blanca. Total Wine & More. You can’t go wrong with Bacardi light rum in a rum and coke. Captain Morgan Caribbean White Rum. Total Wine & More. Gosling’s Gold Seal Rum. Total Wine & More.

What is a good brand of dark rum?

Brands Of Dark Rum Gosling’s 151 Rum. 4.8 out of 5 stars. Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum. 4.6 out of 5 stars. Ten to One Caribbean Dark Rum. 5 out of 5 stars. Myers’s Dark. 4.7 out of 5 stars. Diamond Head Special Dark Rum. 4.7 out of 5 stars. Plantation Original Dark Rum. Old Brigand Black Label Rum. Koloa Kaua’i Dark Rum.