In POP Wall Punning, Gypsum Plaster is directly applied on brick / block / RCC to get a shining smooth surface. Gypsum Plasters are used extensively for general building operations and it has properties like light weight, fire protection, moisture resistance, impact resistance and vapor control.

What is POP punning?

Punning is the process of applying a thin layer of the slurry or mortar, made of cement, POP, gypsum, lime, or any such specified binding materials to the wall, ceiling, flooring, or plastering surface.

Why POP punning is done?

Apart from rendering a decorative appeal, POP wall punning enhances the wall shine and smoothness. It effectively hides all the plastering cracks and other defects. It provides for optimum protection against seepage. The process of Plaster of Paris Wall Punning is time saving.

What is pop in construction?

Plaster of Paris (POP) is a powder like the substance of white colour created from gypsum. The name is due to large quantities of the substance found in Paris. POP is a construction material composed of calcium sulphate hemihydrates. It is a powder that is dry and hardens after mixing with water.

What is gypsum wall punning?

In POP Wall Punning, Gypsum plaster is directly applied on brick/block/RCC to get a shining smooth surface, instead of two stage process of cement sand plastering & POP punning. Gypsum is a chalk like material light in weight. It is crystalline combination of calcium sulphate and water.

Is pop or gypsum better?

POP is a highly durable material. Since the same material is used for filling joints, it does not show cracks easily. Unlike gypsum board, plaster of paris offers great flexibility in designs and can be moulded into different curved shapes. It is cheaper than gypsum board.

Which is better pop or putty?

On the other hand, wall care putty is made out of white cement, like White Portland Cement.Which One Is Better, POP, or Wall Putty? Particulars Plaster of Paris (POP) Wall Care Putty Strength Low on strength Being cement-based, it has good tensile adhesion, compressive strength Durability Less Durable Highly durable Port Life 10-12mints 10 – 45mints.

What is difference between pop and gypsum?

POP is highly durable and can sustain for years without any wear or tear. Unlike gypsum boards, POP can be moulded in various designs and is flexible to apply on the corners. POP is also 25-40 per cent cheaper than gypsum boards.

What is gypsum used for?

While the majority of gypsum produced in North America is used to manufacture gypsum panel products or building plasters, gypsum can also be used: As a soil additive (sometimes called land plaster) to improve the soil’s workability and receptivity to moisture, and to overcome the corrosive effect of alkalinity.

What is the thickness of pop ceiling?

20-30 mm Material POP Thickness 20-30 mm Surface Treatment Color Coated Usage/Application Residential Minimum Order Quantity 220 Square Feet.

What is POP and its uses?

It is commonly used to precast and hold parts of ornamental plasterwork placed on ceilings and cornices. It is also used in medicine to make plaster casts to immobilize broken bones while they heal, though many modern orthopedic casts are made of fibreglass or thermoplastics.

How do we use POP?

1 : to burst or cause to burst with a short loud sound The balloon popped. 3 : to go, come, or appear suddenly or unexpectedly Let’s pop in for a visit. An idea popped into my head. 4 : to put into or onto quickly or suddenly I popped a grape into my mouth.

Is POP better than PVC?

PVC ceiling panels are sturdy and very durable. They can last for years without warping or bending. Unlike gypsum and POP, PVC ceiling panels are not brittle and are less likely to get damaged while handling. They are an affordable alternative to the conventional POP or gypsum ceiling panels.

Is gypsum board harmful to humans?

To answer your question in short: drywall dust is not toxic to the body in smaller amounts. This means it will not cause any long-term diseases. However, it can irritate parts of the body, like the eyes and throat. This is because it is made of a chemical known as gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate).

Is gypsum wall strong?

Gypsum panels are also relatively large compared to other materials and, therefore, they easily cover large wall and ceiling spaces. While their light weight makes them easy to carry, their durability allows a lifetime of strong, high quality walls.

What are the disadvantages of gypsum board?

Advantages of gypsum board include low cost, ease of installation and finishing, fire resistance, sound control, and availability. Disadvantages include difficulty in curved surface application and low durability when subject to damage from impact or abrasion.

Which company POP is best?

Top 5 False Ceiling Brands In India Gyproc by Saint-Gobain. Saint-Gobain is the parent company of Gyproc, which is started almost 100 years ago. Armstrong. Armstrong World Industries (AWI) is also a market leader in residential and commercial false ceiling manufacturing. SHERA. USG Boral. Gypcore.

Which material is best for pop?

Gypsum. Gypsum is a choice for those looking for a light-weight building material to construct a simple false ceiling. Easy to apply, Gypsum can be applied seamlessly without many joints. This material comes in prefabricated form as boards that can be assembled on site by installing them in metal frames.

Which is costly pop or gypsum?

Costlier than POP. Cheaper than gypsum by almost 25-50% (depending on the quality of gypsum being compared and the availability of both materials in the local market). Provides a seamless finish with minimum joints.

Is pop waterproof?

No, It is not a waterproof substance. It is made waterproof by mixing other materials to be used in interiors and exterior. It is an extensively dry and porous substance. Whenever exposed to water, it will absorb it.

Is Primer necessary after putty?

Yes. If acrylic wall putty is being used then a primer coat is recommended before and after application of the putty. In case of cement-based putties or Polymer putty a coat of primer is recommended after application of the putty. The coat of primer helps in binding the putty to the wall.

How do you make strong pop?

Step 1: Prepare the Work Area. Cover you work area with a layer of newsprint to prevent the plaster from sticking to important surfaces. Step 2: Mix Water and Glue. Place 1 1/4-cup water in a plastic mixing bowl. Step 3: Add the Plaster. Slowly pour 2 cups of plaster of Paris into the water. Step 4: Rest and Mix.