Incredible Hulk, American comic strip character created for Marvel Comics by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. The towering muscle-bound antihero debuted in the bimonthly series The Incredible Hulk in May 1962.

When did Hulk first appear in MCU?

2008 Bruce Banner Marvel Cinematic Universe character Bruce Banner / Hulk as portrayed by Edward Norton (left) in The Incredible Hulk (2008) and Mark Ruffalo (right) in The Avengers (2012) First appearance The Incredible Hulk (2008) Based on Hulk by Stan Lee Jack Kirby.

Who was the Hulk in the first movie?

Cast. Eric Bana as Bruce Banner / Hulk: A gamma radiation research scientist. After exposure to elevated gamma radiation levels, he becomes an enormous green humanoid monster when enraged or agitated.

When did the original Hulk come out?

November 4, 1977.

Is there a Purple Hulk?

Introduced in 2012’s Avengers #24, the Purple Hulk is Norman Osborn, aka Spider-Man villain the Green Goblin.

Can the Hulk have babies?

Bruce and Betty never had any children, but the Hulk had two sons by his second wife, Caiera. During PLANET HULK, it was the Hulk who courted Caiera, but she accepted Bruce as well. Although Caiera appeared to die, she gave birth to Skaar and Hiro-Kala. However, Hulk and Thundra were never a real couple.

What is Hulk real name?

Hulk (Bruce Banner) | Characters | Marvel.

Why is Hulk not part of MCU?

Why it’s not on Disney Plus: Universal Pictures owns the distribution rights to “The Incredible Hulk.” The studio coproduced the movie with Marvel Studios. Unless Disney strikes a deal with Universal, the movie won’t appear on Disney Plus. For die-hard MCU fans, this might be disappointing.

Can you skip Incredible Hulk?

Since this is still the best of his solo movies, this is definitely a WATCH. The Incredible Hulk (2008). Most definitely SKIP.

Who created Hulk?


Does the Hulk age?

Strictly speaking, the Hulk does indeed age, but due to his regenerative factor, he does that so slowly that it seems that he does not age. And indeed, the Hulk does manage to keep his physical appearance the same as decades and – in some cases – even centuries pass.

Is Hulk a God?

As Hulk battles Thor, the God of Thunder declares him “Midgard’s God of Wrath,” doubling down on his assertion that Hulk has become a new type of god.

Why are the Hulk’s pants purple?

So there you have. The reason the Hulk had so many pairs of purple pants is apparently that Bruce Banner sold literally all of his other clothes and stocked up exclusively on items of purple clothing believing that they represented a timeless sense of fashion.

Is there a black hulk?

Tyrone Cash is a fictional character in the Ultimate Marvel universe. He is a member of The Ultimates and is described as being the first Hulk before Bruce Banner became the Hulk. Tyrone Cash Publication information Team affiliations Ultimate Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D. Notable aliases The First Hulk.

What strain is purple Hulk?

Purple Hulk is a combination of the original Granddaddy Purple, GDP Auto and Big Bud Auto strains with the exceptional heritage producing a strain that is not only rich in colour and THC, commonly measured at 19-22%, but is also easy to grow thanks to its resistance to common pests, speedy flowering period and dense.

Can Natasha Romanoff get pregnant?

We know that the Russian-born Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) was trained as a spy/assassin in a secretive academy known as the Red Room, which disguised itself as a ballet school. All the “Black Widows” were sterilized, so Natasha is unable to bear children.

Who is Hulk’s brother?

After gaining the New Power he continued growing until he had the appearance of a young man. Superhuman Strength: The physical power of Hiro-Kala has been proven by facing Class 100+ as his own father Hulk and his brother Skaar.

Is there a female Hulk?

She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Buscema, she first appeared in The Savage She-Hulk #1 (cover-dated February 1980). She-Hulk Alter ego Jennifer Walters Species Human mutate.

How tall is MCU Hulk?

As Bruce Banner, the character is about 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) tall and weighs 128 lbs (58.05 kg), but when transformed into the Hulk, the character stands between 7 and 8 ft (2.13 – 2.43 m) tall and weighs between 1,040 and 1,400 lbs (471.73 – 635.02 kg).

What is the real name of Black Panther?

Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa/Black Panther in Black Panther (2018).

What is Hulk’s weakness?

5 Weakness: RAGE While Hulk’s rage makes him almost completely invulnerable and the strongest being in the entire universe, it also is a huge weakness. The increase of his power when in rage mode is massive. However, at the same time, he also loses almost all his intelligence when he grows angrier.

Will there be a Hulk 2?

Production History. A sequel to The Incredible Hulk has been in development since the film’s release in 2008. However, on April 12th, 2012, Kevin Feige confirmed that no sequel is currently in development, although he didn’t rule out the possibility that a sequel might be developed in the future.

Will there be a Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo?

Mark Ruffalo just doesn’t see a future where a(nother) standalone “Hulk” movie exists. The “Avengers” star confirmed the news to Variety at Disney’s D23 Expo on Saturday. “I want to just make one thing perfectly clear today: A standalone ‘Hulk’ movie will never happen,” Ruffalo said.

Is Mark Ruffalo in The Incredible Hulk?

The MCU would have been subtly changed if Mark Ruffalo had played the part of Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk. It’s easy to forget that Mark Ruffalo was not the first actor to play the Hulk in the MCU; rather, that honor goes to Edward Norton, who appeared in The Incredible Hulk.