The more Outlook has to share data, and pull data from the internet, the more it will to slow down. Outlook has a default setting that will sync your RSS feeds from Internet Explorer to a RSS reader in Outlook. If you have a lot of bookmarked RSS feeds in your browser they can make Outlook slow down considerably.

How do I fix Outlook slowness?

Fix Microsoft Outlook Slow Loading Issue Outlook safe mode. Disable add-ins. Find problematic add-ins. Disable hardware graphics acceleration. Disable RSS feeds. Enable auto archive. Update Outlook. Download complete items.

Why is Outlook email so slow?

1. Check hard drive for bad sectors. In case your hard drive has developed bad sectors and your PST file is stored at a location on the hard drive that includes one of those sectors, it could be a cause of this Outlook Running Slow. Try sending a few emails and check if Outlook sends/receives emails normally.

How do I make Outlook run faster?

5 Simple Ways to Speed up Outlook Disable Add-Ins. This step probably is the most effective, since unused add-ins can really slow down your Outlook. Download complete IMAP emails. Compact PST files. Repair PST files. Disable RSS feature.

How can I make my Outlook Inbox update faster?

It’s very simple to set refresh rate in Outlook. Just go to File >> Options >> Advanced >> Send and receive option is available Set the time.

How can I improve Microsoft Outlook?

Top 10 Microsoft Outlook Tips to Maximize Efficiency Organize your emails into folders. Take advantage of Outlook’s easy email templates. Save important emails, calendar events, and notes as files on your desktop. Schedule delivery of an email. Display emails as conversations. Embrace Outlook’s web-based future.

Does archiving emails make Outlook faster?

Auto Archive Folders Many of the old emails are not required on a daily basis, but Outlook will still load them, leading to slower processing. If you archive all the old emails, they will be saved in a specified external folder (can be accessed anytime) and will not be processed.

How do I update my inbox in Outlook?

To update Outlook manually, you can make Microsoft check online for any available updates and install it. Open Microsoft Outlook and click “File.” In the navigation pane, click “Office Account.” Click “Update Options.” Click “Update Now.”.

Is there a refresh button in Outlook?

“To refresh your inbox in interface, you only need to click the refresh button (rounded arrow) across the “Folders” on the left side of your mailbox page.”Sep 30, 2016.

Why is my Outlook not updating?

Sometimes due to poor internet connectivity and other reasons the content and folders in Outlook do not get updated automatically. To update it manually, you need to click on the Send/Receive tab on the top of the Outlook screen and click on the Update folder option given there.

What are the benefits of Outlook?

Top 10 Advantages of Using Microsoft Outlook Security. Keep Microsoft Outlook up-to-date and it will provide a good level of security. Search. Enhanced Connectivity. Compatibility. Outlook Offers One-Stop E-mail. Connect with Others Easily. Integration. SharePoint.

How do I manage a lot of emails?

Because having a system in place can help you conquer even the most unruly inbox. Only Keep Emails Requiring Immediate Action in Your Inbox. Create a “Waiting Folder” for Action-Pending Emails. Make Subfolders or Labels Your New BFF. Set Inbox Rules or Filters. Use Your Calendar to Track Emails That Require Follow-up.

Is Outlook email free to use? is a free web-based e-mail service provided by Microsoft. Microsoft has combined Hotmail and Windows Live into one e-mail service, and has added support for contacts (including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and your calendar.

How do I free up space in Outlook without deleting emails?

Some ways you can prevent your mailbox from being cluttered include: Archive older items. Put any items you want to keep in an archive to free up space. Empty the “Deleted Items” folder. Empty the “Junk Email” folder. Store attachments outside your mailbox.

How do I free up space in Outlook?

In Outlook, choose File> Cleanup Tools > Mailbox Cleanup. Do any of the following: View the total size of your mailbox and of individual folders within it. Find items older than a certain date or larger than a certain size.

Should I Archive or delete emails Outlook?

We recommend that you use the Archive feature to keep your Inbox clear of messages that you’ve already answered or acted on. Think of the Archive like a file folder. You can store items in the Archive folder and still access them easily.

What is the newest version of Outlook?

Outlook 2019 Version Mainstream Extended Office 2019 October 10, 2023 October 14, 2025.

How do I fix Outlook not updating emails?

Guidelines to Fix Outlook Inbox Not Updating from Exchange Guideline 1: Clear Offline Items. Guideline 2: Delete OST Files. Guideline 3: Make Use of OST Integrity Check Tool. Guideline 4: Work Offline and Online. Guideline 5: Disable Cached Exchange Mode. Take Door-step Email Technical Help from Expert Team.

How do I fix Outlook not receiving emails?

How to Fix Outlook When It’s Not Receiving Emails Restart Outlook. Check the internet connection. Check offline settings. Check other Outlook folders for messages. Check your other devices. Create a new Outlook profile. Clear the Outlook cache. Check your email rules.

Why is Outlook not showing all my emails?

The Outlook isn’t showing all emails issue may arise because of the default View settings. For instance, filters, sorting settings, etc. may be hiding certain emails in the default View. You can reset the View settings to solve the problem.

Why is my Microsoft email not updating?

Open the Windows Mail app via the Taskbar or via the Start menu. In the Windows Mail app, go to Accounts in the left pane, right-click on the email that is refusing to sync and choose Account Settings. Then, scroll down to Sync options and make sure that the toggle associated with Email is enabled and click on Done.

Why is my email not updating?

Open the Settings app on your phone and select Accounts. Choose the email account where you have sync issues. Tap the Account sync option to view all features that you can sync. Tap the three-dots at the top-right corner of your screen and select Sync now.