More than 750 million pieces of CorningWare have been manufactured. In 1998 however, due to slumping sales and retooling of manufacturing plants, Corning sold off the CorningWare and Pyrex lines to World Kitchen, LLC. Under new direction, the CorningWare and Pyrex lines are still pretty strong, although different.

Is Pyrex and CorningWare the same thing?

Essentially, the main difference between Corningware and Pyrex is that Corningware tends to be smaller, and more aesthetically pleasing. Some prefer to use Corningware to bake, and Pyrex for storage. For other’s the opposite is true, they prefer Pyrex for baking and Corningware for serving.

Is CorningWare still made in the USA?

Discontinuation and Reintroduction in the USA In December 2008, the Pyroceram-based line of CorningWare was reintroduced in the USA as CorningWare StoveTop. This is one of the only factories in the world still manufacturing Pyroceram-based cookware.

Can vintage CORNINGWARE be used on stove top?

CORNINGWARE cookware can go from the refrigerator or freezer directly to the stovetop, oven or microwave.


All in all, Corning Ware is one of the most eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic types of cookware around.

Do people still use CorningWare?

Corning glass cookware is alive and well in kitchens across the globe. Pyrex bakeware is more colorful, useful, and more transportable than ever.

Can old CorningWare go in the microwave?

Is It Safe for the Microwave? Since the old CorningWare was made before the microwave, is it safe to cook with in a microwave? CorningWare is safe to use in the microwave as long as it doesn’t have metal parts attached. The Corning company also manufactured certain products that are not safe to use in the microwave.

Is Corelle and Corning same company?

What Is Corelle? Introduced in 1970 by Corning—the same company that makes Pyrex—Corelle dinnerware became “all the rage” throughout the following decades.

Is vision corningware stovetop safe?

Visions cookware can be used on the rangetop (gas and electric), in the oven (conventional, convection, and microwave), and under a broiler. It can even be used on a grill or over a campfire! Likewise, casseroles and pots marketed for the oven are still stovetop safe. All Visions can be used in the microwave.

Can corningware go from fridge to oven?

All glass-ceramic CORNINGWARE® can be used in conventional, convection, toaster and microwave ovens, on a rangetop, under a broiler, in the refrigerator, freezer and in the dishwasher. Use only wooden, nylon or plastic utensils. Metal utensils can scratch or leave gray marks.

Can corningware go in a 450 degree oven?

This product is completely safe at 425 degrees. I spoke with a Corningware representative just to confirm that, and they said there isn’t really a maximum temperature in terms of home use. Website says 450, but also read to lower temp by 25 like any glass dish.

What is special about corningware?

Originally developed for military applications in World War II, CorningWare®’s Pyroceram® also proved effective for bakeware in the home after the war. This glass-ceramic, non-porous material was capable of withstanding sudden temperature changes and was resistant to stains and odors.

What are the benefits of corningware?

CORNINGWARE : FEATURES AND BENEFITS Unique Revolutionary Material : Its temperature resistant material not only help you save time and energy, but also does not retain odors or stains. With its “Easy to clean” feature, the designs remain beautiful and vibrant even after years of extensive use.

Can corningware go on the BBQ?

Only CorningWare made from the original formula, Pyroceram, can be used on grills.

How do you clean old corningware?

Soak the Corningware dish in hot, soapy water, using liquid dish soap. Use your plastic scrubbing pad to remove burnt-on debris and stains, using vigorous, circular strokes. Rinse the dish. Scrub the ceramic stoneware bakeware with your paste and plastic mesh pad until you remove all remaining discoloration.

Is it safe to cook in vintage corningware?

One of the most-used items in my kitchen is my collection of CorningWare. These covered glass casserole dishes are safe to use in the oven or microwave.

What is the highest oven temperature for corningware?

The Vortex reaches a maximum temperature of 205°C / 400°F.

What is the most popular Corelle pattern?

Some of the most popular Corelle designs are Country Cottage, Farmstead, Spring Blossom Green and Butterfly Gold.

Is vintage Corelle safe?

Corelle products purchased after 2005 are safe and comply with FDA regulations. You’ll want to avoid eating off of older Corelle dinnerware if it shows obvious signs of deterioration; if the glaze is worn, if the paint is melting or chipping, etc.

Is Corelle still made?

Corelle is a brand of glassware and dishware. It is made of Vitrelle, a tempered glass product consisting of two types of glass laminated into three layers. It was introduced by Corning Glass Works in 1970, but is now manufactured and sold by Corelle Brands.

Does Corning Ware explode?

Although tempered glass can better withstand thermal shock than regular soda-lime glass can, it’s not as resilient to such stress as borosilicate. And notably, when it does break, it does so suddenly and somewhat violently, shattering into many small pieces.

How do I clean my visionware?

Simply wash VISIONS in hot soapy water, with a nylon pad, after use. The incredibly hard, smooth surface won’t get ingrained with food and will typically wipe right off. For baked or burned on food, soak it straight away. Visions is also completely dishwasher safe.

What is vision Corning Ware?

Visions is a brand of transparent stove top cookware created by Corning France and introduced to Europe during the late 1970s. It is one of the few cookware lines that can be used on the range (gas and electric), in the oven (conventional, convection, and microwave), and under a broiler.

Can French white CorningWare go from fridge to oven?

All CorningWare® oven bakeware products (including metallic-banded French White® products) can be used in conventional, convection and microwave ovens as well as in the refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher.

Can CorningWare etch go in oven?

Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

Can you bake a cake in CorningWare?

CorningWare ceramic casserole dishes come in a wide variety of sizes that will work for different shapes of cakes. They have oval, round, small ramekins, and most even come with glass lids and plastic lids for storage.